1. Looking for Work

I just finished a two-year stint at AgileBits. I've been doing freelance work since then, but I'm on the lookout for a more permanent gig, ideally around Pasadena, CA.

Here's a brief overview of my background:

  • Four years' experience doing technical support, in-person and over email.
  • Created weekly video tutorials for AgileBits' YouTube channel.
  • In Local 600 as a Digital Utility. I have extensive experience on-set and in post-production.
  • Photograph live events, in particular drag shows.
  • During my undergrad, I was lead film critic at Berkeley's newspaper.

You can learn more by checking out my resume.

2. Continuing Education

  • Completed a two-day course that was organized by Local 600, on best practices for 2nd ACs. Last fall, I took a course on best practices for handling media.
  • Studying for the CompTIA A+ exam, since it provides a decent background in entry-level help desk support.
  • Just bought a book, to better understand JavaScript and practice using HTML and CSS.

3. Keeping Busy

  • Cooking more often, particularly now that I have a larger stove. I really like Blue Apron, but its wastefulness (in transportation and storage material) gives me pause.
  • Watching more movies on FilmStruck. And I just subscribed to MoviePass, though they may be going out of business soon.
  • Reading issues of The New Yorker and attempting to read more books, in general.
  • Watching educational YouTube videos and Let's Plays to decompress.

Derek Sivers started the /Now Page Movement, and I figured I'd join in. This page was updated in May 2018.