I'm happy to announce that I've accepted a job offer from Keslow Camera. For nearly 25 years, Keslow has built a reputation among DPs and ACs for being one of the best camera rental houses. It's burnished that reputation recently with a few smart hires, a growing number of big clients, and their recent move to beautiful, new headquarters.

Most important, the headquarters has a fancy bathroom that would put most five star resorts to shame.

I've long been drawn to camera assisting, and Keslow Camera seems to be a perfect fit for my career. I'll be able to see first-hand the type of equipment and service that clients expect in a professional environment. And my inner nerd is tickled by all of the pretty, cutting-edge tools Keslow has at its disposal, and which its technicians and managers are more than happy to teach other employees about.

This feels like a good beginning, and I can't wait to see how things develop. Onward!