Hodgepodge #2

A weekly mishmash of media-related things that I find to be interesting / informative / PrettyFunny, etc. & worthy of your time—inspired by other people’s linked lists. FYI, the acronym “TRT” stands for either “total runtime” or “total reading time,” depending on the context.


HDR: From Too Bright to Just Right
Written by Bruce Logan, in “Zacuto: Bruce’s Blog” / Jun 2015 / TRT: 10–15 minutes
“[W]e’ve never had viewing devices to see all this new data [from digital cameras]. Up until now, with Rec. 709 TVs or 14 foot-lambert cinema projectors, we’ve had to ‘unnaturally’ compress the newfound range into the old contrast (gamma) curve or throw it away. And when I say ‘throw it away,’ I mean just using the range for exposure latitude.”

You Are Boring
By Scott Simpson, in “The Magazine” / Nov 2012 / TRT: 5 minutes
“You really like coffee, except for Starbucks, which is the worst. No, wait—Coke is the worst! Unless it’s Mexican Coke, in which case, it’s the best.”


If Men Were Treated Like Women in Hollywood
Posted by A.J., an LA-based electrician / Video by BuzzFeedYellow / TRT: 3 minutes
“I’ve had this scenario happen to me. Almost word for word. And more than once.”


Robot or Not?: Ep. 2: Service Kiosks
Hosted by John Siracusa & Jason Snell / TRT: 4 minutes
“John’s position on supermarket self-checkout machines; Jason’s need for beer when he visits his in-laws; and whether attaching arms to things makes them robots.”

Omega Tau: Ep. 166: Flying the Concorde
Hosted by Markus Völter / TRT: 126 minutes
“We talk with former Concorde pilot John Hutchinson about flying this Mach 2 airliner … the cornerstones of the design and construction of the aircraft; its operation; flying characteristics; as well as the infamous accident in Paris in 2000 (on which John has some very specific opinions).”

Bristol Aerospace Centre

Bristol Aerospace Centre