Apple TV Woes and Radars

Those of you who follow me on Twitter mayyy have noticed that I turned pretty dramatic this afternoon, after spending 45 fruitless minutes attempting to restore & set up my Apple TV.

Turns out, people can actually vent their Apple-related frustrations in a productive manner. Anyone with an Apple ID — not just developers — are welcome to submit bug reports (i.e., “Radars”) through Bug Reporter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 18.41.03.PNG

Don’t let the site’s hilariously out of date interface deter you. At every WWDC, Apple employees tell developers who are experiencing issues to “just file Radars.” Many of these developers are turned off by the needlessly opaque bug-review process; Apple's engineers rarely follow up on or update Radars' statuses. However, these engineers do review every Radar, some of which result in real change or transparency.

If you are also experiencing the frustrating set-up bug — described in the above tweets — with your own Apple TV, please consider duping the Radar I filed.