A Fresh Start

I've dabbled in writing on blogs and personal websites since 2008. Here's a glimpse of what my blog looked like back in 2010.

The design isn't bad — even three years ago, I was aiming for a simpler design, with black text on a white background for better legibility. It still looks too complicated, though. The sidebar makes me cringe. And don't get me started on the minuscule smiley face the theme's creator hid in the upper-right corner. But the website and theme were free, and it helped me to develop a taste for what information I found useful or superfluous on websites.

This new website (maxsiegel.co), which I began developing in spring 2013, is a continuation of that journey. My goal is to provide a more professional face for the Internet (i.e., the world), and a simpler, easier way for others to view my work.

Over the course of the summer, I will add more content and more information about the projects I have worked on. And from time to time, I will write about what I find important about cinematography, and movies in general.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.